“Everyone should have access to safe, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food grown in an environmentally sustainable manner to ensure the health of the people in our region.”

“To support organic and good agricultural practices and encourage food education that facilitates sustainable food security in our region.”

Terrace Food Association (TFA) was incorporated in February 2011. TFA is focused on building the region’s ability to be sustainable by producing its own local food and to support, advocate and develop policies and action plans that
promote food security and independence.
• Members will have the opportunity to participate in and be kept informed of regional food security initiatives and developments of which TFA is aware.
• TFA will inform members of TFA events and related events by email
• Members will be invited to all general and special membership meetings.
• Members will be given the option to pay discounted fees for workshops and other educational events sponsored by TFA.
• Members will receive a digital copy of its Constitution and amended Bylaws, updated in October 2017, which replaced the original corporate structure with individual membership.

Would like to be a member? Send us an email: terracefoodassociation@gmail.com